About Samson Rock

Samson Rock is a collaborative effort between a master builder and a versatile designer, bringing 70 years of combined experience to their design/build projects. The company is named after a glacial boulder in Madison, Connecticut—emblematic of solidity and substance, and legendary in Algonquin lore.

Richard “Rick” DeBeradinis has spent almost four decades as a builder, focusing on high end new construction and renovations primarily for architects. He has served as a builder and general contractor on numerous projects throughout Fairfield County and the Connecticut Shoreline, from Greenwich to Guilford and beyond—including several residential properties featured in Dwell Magazine.

Brian Penry has built an international clientele as a multi-faceted designer. Working for a marine architect as a high school student, he began his career soon thereafter as an illustrator and graphic designer—eventually developing a global clientele as a branding expert. One of Penry’s first forays  into commercial design was for Infinity Broadcasting in New York City, now part of CBS/Viacom. Brian’s sense of aesthetics and innovative use of space give Samson Rock’s design/build services a special edge.

Our Process

— Conversation Resulting in Plans & Finished Products

We listen intently to you—the first, critical step in capturing your uniquely singular vision. We’re versatile and comfortable working across a diverse range of styles, tastes and materials, never seeking to stylistically ‘put our stamp’ on a project. Rather, our goal is to successfully interpret your vision, then to bring it to fruition—be it modest or grand.

Several of our projects including some of those showcased in our Portfolio were done for prominent architects. We approach such projects in the spirit of bringing more value than merely executing what our client’s plans specify.

Whether working directly with an owner or architect, we’re comfortable consulting on materials, window treatments, technologies for the home and other appointments, to capture your vision in every conceivable detail—from finishing carpentry to custom stone work and more.