In addition to offering the following Services, building for architects continues to be a significant and valued part of our work and client base.

Residential & Commercial Services


Design — We work closely with you to capture your vision in a set of plans for your project. If you don’t yet have a clear vision, we’ll work with you to arrive at a solution that more than adequately fulfills your needs.


Additions — Do you have a growing family or business? Samson Rock can help you create additional space that accommodates your near term needs, while anticipating future growth.

new construction

New Construction — Samson Rock possesses significant experience building new, custom homes and places of business. We guide you through every step of the process and take care of every detail, from permits through occupancy.


Waterfront — Building adjacent to any body of water presents its own set of variables and conditions, on ocean front or inland property. Samson Rock has the experience that waterfront builds require.


Teardowns — Whether merely removing an eyesore, or making way for fresh construction, we handle teardowns with the same attention to detail that new construction demands.


Preservation — Revitalizing properties of historical significance entails a vastly different set of parameters than renovating. Let Samson Rock preserve what’s important to you.


Renovations — Thinking of renovating a bathroom? Kitchen? Your entire property? We can help with every stage, from concept through completion.


Project Oversight — Need a general contractor or supervisor to ensure the integrity of your construction project? Engage the services of the professionals at Samson Rock.